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Rancho Martinez

This is my second attempt to learn and integrate Allegorithmic suite to my design process and arch-viz workflow, so I hope get better results with practice :)

It's about a residential house in Tlaxcala, México. It will be constructed with Rammed Earth Walls and rustic finishes.

The most of the project was handled in Blender, so I modeled the entire house from imported autocad files.

Then I started making the Bedroom Scene. After unwrap all meshes, I assigned vertex colors in order to bake ID maps in Substance Painter so I would be able to use masks easily.

I used the Nexus PBR Shader for Blender Cycles, from Floki from Nexus Studios ( ) It worked great but I have some troubles with opacity maps. awesome node setup, tho!. Other great addons i used were Pro Lighting Studio from Andrew Price and Hard Ops from Masterxeon.

WIP yet. Next step, is to mount all this in UE4 :D.

Moses munoz untitled7
Moses munoz untitled8
Moses munoz untitled9
Moses munoz highresscreenshot00006
Moses munoz highresscreenshot00004
Moses munoz highresscreenshot00001