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Memorial Ixtapaluca

A project I made for my architectural dissertation. A funeral development based in Mexico. The objective was to offer to people the opportunity to choose its disposal process and own ritual, so the space can be adapted to people's traditions and then being dispossal in a variety of modern body dispossals such as cremation, promassion, organic burial and alcaline hydrolisis.
The setup of the scene was made it in UE4, modelled in Blender3d and textured with the Allegorithmic suite; for vegetation I used speedtree for UE4.

Moses munoz highresscreenshot00051

Facade an acces to the complex.

Moses munoz highresscreenshot00052


Moses munoz highresscreenshot00060
Moses munoz highresscreenshot00059

acces to the funeral wake rooms

Moses munoz highresscreenshot00056

public space of the funeral rooms

Moses munoz highresscreenshot00053
Moses munoz highresscreenshot00054
Moses munoz highresscreenshot00055

private space for the funeral wake

Moses munoz highresscreenshot00057
Moses munoz highresscreenshot00058

transition from the funeral wake to the disposal build

Moses munoz highresscreenshot00061

view to the chappels

Moses munoz highresscreenshot00067

interior of the chappel

Moses munoz highresscreenshot00049

aerial view

Memorial Ixtapaluca