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Memorial Ixtapaluca

The WIP of my architectural dissertation. After this one, and after obtain my degree, i'm going to concentrate my efforts in become an CG environment artist :), in the meantime, I'm studying some techniques about the goal in hands. The project it's about a cemetery in Ixtapaluca, Mexico. After a social, urban and medium research I have proposed this solution, where the ever growing population of Estado the Mexico can take care of its deceased loved ones. For this project I want to try some photoscan techniques, LOD's, and organic modeling.

Moses munoz 2017 07 01

Facade conceptual view, time to take this to UE4 to make it real time.

Moses munoz 2017 07 03 1

final blueprint

Moses munoz estructura velatorios

some of the initials sketches

Moses munoz 2017 04 18 1

volumetric approach

Moses munoz 2017 05 02

sketches for the public interior space

Moses munoz tesis 1

interior space modeled

Moses munoz 05082017 2
Moses munoz 2017 05 18

window frame

Moses munoz 2017 05 20 2

door hinge

Moses munoz 2017 05 03 4
Moses munoz 041417 1
Moses munoz 2017 05 25 1
Moses munoz isometrico cubierta12
Moses munoz isometrico cubierta8
Moses munoz 2017 06 18

the struggle was real trying to take my model from blender to autocad, but I have finally figured it out how to.

Moses munoz 2017 06 15 1
Moses munoz 2017 07 13 3

messing with the furniture

Moses munoz 2017 07 11 8
Moses munoz velatorio